Make your passion become your profession

Continuing your professional life in another country is a challenge when you don't arrive with a signed contract under your arm. I reflect on all this in this interview for Global Connections.

Keto diet ¿yes or no?

Is it true what the keto diet promises? Can you eat unlimited fat and protein to lose weight? Is it the new panacea for weight loss without starvation? And from a sustainability point of view, does it make sense to promote it?

When we talk about health care, diet, exercise and sleep come to mind as key factors in achieving wellness. However, taking care of our mind has emerged as another decisive factor, if not the most important of all. Spending time cultivating hobbies, practicing our spirituality, and fostering our social relationships are key to self-care.

In the last decades we have been stealing hours of sleep and we have normalised it. Who hasn't studied for an exam the night before. Or continued watching episodes of a TV series ignoring the signals our body sends us that we need to rest. Time flies when we are surfing social media. Starting the day sleep deprived triggers tiredness, nervousness, stress, and emotional hunger, among others.