A healthy lifestyle
is the most powerful tool to prevent disease and
live life to the fullest

How I can help you

Health and performance for business professionals


Individual coaching can help you find the motivation to take care of yourself, design a plan tailored to you, and implant new habits that you can easily adhere to for life.


Implementing or strengthening a culture of wellness in the company through training workshops, individual coaching and health retreats has a proven impact on the motivation and productivity of human capital.

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My objective as a health coach

Diet, exercise, and managing stress and emotions are the basic pillars of health care. As a coach I help other people to adapt these tools to their personal circumstances to improve their well-being and achieve their goals.

Sobre mí

A little bit about me

I am Victoria Diaz, I am 49 years old and, among other things, I have a degree in Economics and Business Sciences. I developed my professional career in corporate banking for 20 years and then I decided to change my life and profession. I certified as a dietitian and health coach and have specialized in health in the company. I am also mother of two children.

My passion and purpose: to help others take care of their health, prevent illness, and live a fuller life.

Victoria is a very knowledgeable health coach and the course was fantastic. Good balance of theoretical and practical work. The materials were detailed yet very easy to understand. The course content was very complete and there was also plenty of time for interaction, questions and group discussions. It also catered for all kinds of needs (gluten-free, vegan etc.) making it relevant for every participant. The practical element, developing a healthy, nutritious weekly menu and cooking it, was a perfect way to end the course combining all the theory learned before.

P Eguidazu Alemania

I have learned many facts about healthy eating and how to improve your habits by selecting right. I started reading labels to make better choices at the supermarket.

A. Jain Estados Unidos

What a great experience it was to join this well rounded and eye opener workshop. I’ve learn so much from using healthier cooking/dressing oils, to focus in protein based foods without over doing it, to identify what foods/ingredients we digest better than others, etc. The material, the presentation, the suggestions and the alternatives to a balanced nutrition were easy to understand and to apply. Thank you so much for providing us with some useful tools that we can apply without complications to give our family and ourselves the nutrition we need.

M Soca Alemania

Información necesaria para que cada dia planeemos mejor nuestros menus ha sido lo mejor

Madrid - España

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