Individual health

Individual health

The challenge

In my twenties

I would eat everything, no restrictions, and maintained my weight without difficulty.

I could go out at night and go to work the next day. A bit sleep-deprived, yes, but nothing serious.

My back never ached, even though I spent many years sitting at a desk while studying for a university degree.

In my thirties

After the pregnancies I went on a diet and recovered my previous weight, but I realised that, in order to maintain myself, some sacrifices had to be made and some foods had to be cut down.

I started exercising to help me control my weight and sometimes to have some quiet time alone, I confess.

As a parent, I had terrible sleep hygiene. I slept with a lot of interruptions, but it didn’t affect my daytime performance too much.

Balancing my work and childcare became increasingly difficult. I lacked the tools to manage stress. I barely had any free time.

In my forties

I struggled to maintain my weight, even without overeating.

My sleep quality worsened, and I became hypersensitive to noise, light and stress. I entered a vicious circle: lack of sleep affected my mood, my patience with my children and my energy levels, which were severely depleted.

I did exercise, but I was easily injured. I would get tired earlier, which led me to reduce my sporting activities.

I started to have symptoms of digestive discomfort and perimenopause.

Finally, a professional break gave me the time I needed to learn new skills, take charge of my health, discover what my life purpose was and focus on achieving it.

Thanks to my training as an Integrative Health Coach I learned:

  • To adapt my schedule to my sleep requirements and not the other way around.
  • To train my muscles in addition to my cardiovascular exercise.
  • Mindful eating.
  • To use meditation and self-care as tools to cope with my stressors and deal with my emotions.
  • Time management. To identify the “time-suckers” and to cut out everything that does not nourish my soul and is not aligned with my personal and professional goals.

What we do

Awaken consciousness

Provide resources

Support and Guidance


Coaching always starts with introspection.

To help you in the process I will ask you questions, lots of questions:

  • How are you doing now and what do you want to achieve?
  • What areas of your life are out of balance and require action to improve?
  • Can you do it on your own or do you require professional help?
  • Review your current habits: Which ones help you to achieve your goals and which ones are a hindrance?
  • Which habits would you like to acquire? Which ones would you like to give up? Why?

I will help you to design an action plan, to go step by step. You can’t change everything at once.

I will explain techniques to encourage adherence to this new lifestyle you have chosen.

I provide you with assessment tools

I listen actively to you

I motivate you

I encourage you to continue

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Higher energy and zest for life

Better sleep


Focus on the important

Higher concentration and performance

Would you like to improve your lifestyle?

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