Individual health

Individual health

The challenge

We live in a world that goes fast. With long working hours, family obligations and little free time. We don’t have time to take care of our health.

Also, when we are young, our body seems to take it all. We live with lack of sleep, frenetic activity, unhealthy eating and high doses of stress. We do not consider health care very relevant because at that time we do not have ailments.

In maturity, dysfunctions begin to appear, such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, or insulin resistance. The answer of traditional medicine is medication. Our elders take pills daily for blood pressure, cholesterol and “sugar”. And we have normalized it, as something that inevitably comes with age. There is even a widespread belief that they have a strong hereditary component, since they are often shared by several members of the same family.

But it’s not like that. Cardiovascular disease is not hereditary in most cases and type II diabetes in none. They are conditions associated with the lifestyle we have led for decades. What happens is that often the members of a family share similar eating habits and lifestyle.

The good news is that these diseases can not only be prevented but improved, once they have given the first symptoms and even, in many cases, go into remission through changes in our lifestyle. Changes that are within everyone’s reach, are simple, cheap and will also contribute to improving many other aspects of our lives.

What we do

Awaken consciousness

Understand that our health is a vehicle to achieve other goals and live a fulfilling life.

Provide resources

Changes in our lifestyle have to be adapted to our needs and preferences, in order to generate long-term adherence to them.

Support and Guidance

Support and guidance The coach motivates, accompanies and helps us not to deviate from the path we have chosen.


The circle of life is the self-assessment tool to detect those areas in imbalance and how they are affecting the rest.

Along with a health history, it will allow us to prioritize and draw up an individualized plan, with medium-term objectives and concrete actions to achieve them.

Through fortnightly sessions we will evaluate the effectiveness of these actions, and adapt the plan when necessary.

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Weight loss

Higher energy and zest for life

Better sleep


Focus on the important and not on the urgent

Higher concentration and performance

Would you like to improve your lifestyle?

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