This broad concept encompasses a wide variety of aspects and will be different for each person. From doing sports, enjoying leisure or going to a health professional. Taking care of oneself also means avoiding toxic personal relationships, having goals and a purpose in life, and designing strategies to achieve them. This workshop will help us to disconnect the autopilot and reflect on where we are and where we want to go. Because health goes beyond diet.


We often use the word stress casually, as a synonym for being overloaded, having multiple tasks to do. But stress is a silent disease, which has many symptoms, some of them very common in the population, and at the same time very poorly understood. In this workshop we will learn how to detect stress drivers to determine how to tackle them. We will discuss stress management techniques, and why they work. And where and when to seek help when we feel we can’t handle it on our own.

Healthy cooking

Eating out every day is a challenge to maintain healthy eating habits. This workshop provides tips on how to make simple preparations to take to the office. Whether you eat everything or follow a plant-based diet, without the need for a big budget, a lot of time or being a great chef.


A good night’s rest influences our ability to concentrate, our mood, even our blood glucose levels and therefore our hunger. However, we do not give it sufficient attention. We steal hours from sleep to engage in all sorts of activities. This is a practical course in which each participant will design his or her own strategy to increase the hours and quality of sleep, and make rest a multiplier of performance. 


To introduce lifestyle changes that improve our well-being, we need to manage our time more effectively. We all have time-stealers that take up hours during the day that we could be investing in self-care. At the same time, we must ask ourselves if our daily activities are aligned with achieving our personal and professional goals. From that analysis there is room for change and there are many techniques to help us stay focused and keep the time-stealers away.

Emotional eating

We have all experienced emotional eating at some point in our lives. Those cravings that are impossible to satisfy with healthy food, that suddenly arise and push us to raid the pantry. Understanding the triggers of emotional eating is the starting point. The workshop provides the resources needed to differentiate emotional hunger from real hunger and the tools to combat it and manage the feelings of guilt and insecurity that follow.