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Team health - business

The challenge

In an evolving business world, leading companies recognise that caring for the health of their employees goes beyond providing benefits.

In this new paradigm, training is not limited to professional skills, but expands into holistic wellness.

Investing in corporate wellness pays off. In today’s era, visionary companies understand that optimal performance is not only achieved through the acquisition of professional skills, but also through the holistic care of their employees.

Healthy lifestyle training emerges as a powerful tool to improve productivity, focus and mental health in the workplace.

As a coach specialising in mindful nutrition, I offer training programmes tailored to your company’s needs. From group workshops, customised to the needs and interests of your staff, to individual integrative health coaching sessions, they are designed to inspire positive and sustainable changes in the lives of your employees.

What we do

Workshops and Webinars

Change Habits Coaching

Health Retreats


The workshops can be adapted and personalised to the interests of the company’s employees. They encourage the participation of the attendees, resolving any queries and providing them with tools to be able to immediately apply the concepts acquired.


After evaluating the impact of the first five workshops on the well-being of the team, we will be able to go deeper into the areas of greatest interest in subsequent workshops.  To access all available workshops and a brief summary of each one, click here.



Higher Performance

Reduction of absenteeism

Talent reward

Enhanced work atmosphere

Commitment to the company

Frequently asked questions

The program for companies is designed to deliver the first five workshops during a work week on consecutive days at lunchtime. Then we could add new workshops after three months once we have evaluated the results in improving the wellbeing of the staff. However, we could consider a different periodicity.

They can be done both ways. On-site workshops can be held in Madrid or Frankfurt. 

Yes, participants are provided with additional readings, podcasts, as well as different tools to work on the concepts individually. For the company, the communication elements of the program are provided so that they can be sent to the employees.

The courses can be adapted to the staff of any company, large or small.