Team health

Team health - business

The challenge

Employees spend more than half their lives working, and for this reason, companies have a direct responsibility for the health of their employees. Work can be a stimulating, motivating and rewarding aspect of a person’s life or a source of stress and demotivation. In both cases it has a direct effect on health. And in turn, health has a direct impact on employee performance. Therefore, taking care of the health of employees only brings benefits to any company.

Reducing absenteeism, improving the work environment, increasing the commitment of the company’s workforce or retaining talent, are just some of the objectives that can be supported through actions focused on improving the health of all workers.

In turn, managers need specific tools to maintain a high level of performance in a sustained manner, combat fatigue and face critical decision-making moments that require being fully empowered.

What we do

Workshops and Webinars

Addressed to all employees to promote changes towards a more conscious lifestyle.

360 ° Health Coaching

Individual coaching sessions for those who need a personalized support in all aspects of well-being.

Health Retreats

The best way to get off autopilot, reflect and map out a wellness journey that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.


The program begins with five one-hour workshops. They can be delivered in person or via webinar. They address five pillars of healthcare that have a major impact on professional performance.


After evaluating the impact of the first five workshops on the well-being of the team, we will be able to go deeper into the areas of greatest interest in subsequent workshops.  To access all available workshops and a brief summary of each one, click here.



Higher Performance

Reduction of absenteeism

Talent reward

Enhanced work atmosphere

Greater commitment of the company

Frequently asked questions

The program for companies is designed to deliver the first five workshops during a work week on consecutive days at lunchtime. Then we could add new workshops after three months once we have evaluated the results in improving the wellbeing of the staff. However, we could consider a different periodicity.

They can be done both ways. On-site workshops can be held in Madrid or Frankfurt. 

Yes, participants are provided with additional readings, podcasts, as well as different tools to work on the concepts individually. For the company, the communication elements of the program are provided so that they can be sent to the employees.

The courses can be adapted to the staff of any company, large or small.